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You’re Wasting Your Time

Whats the point of reading these emails 

If you don’t do anything with the information 

Like seriously man

It’s like taking a chick home 

Getting her in bed

Taking her clothes off 

The putting Game of Thrones on to watch that 

Who the hell’s stupid enough to do that

I don’t care how good that show is 

That my friend is a waste of time 

Never forget the goal you had in mind 

You took the chick to bed & took her clothes off 

for one thing 

& you downloaded my ‘Head Turning Body Booklet’

To help you get a Head Turning Body 

& you’re reading this cos you’re still interested in doing so 

& even if you only wanna drop a bit of fat so the jeans you 

bought last year fit 

Or just not be embarrassed taking your shirt off in front of 

the lads or your missus

Thats all completely fine 

& I speak to guys every week who have taken the advice 

I give & are getting results 

I had a message from #TeamHUD member Kirky this morning

& although he needs a tan 

The pic he sent clearly showed a drop in fat & he’s looking much 

better than 6-8 weeks ago 

Rob another #TeamHUD member is fast approaching his wedding 


Thankfully he’s got his ass in gear & has dropped 4kg of fat in the 

last few weeks

Brad who’s been working hard in Build&Blast & 7 weeks in is 

down 7kg 

Can’t wait to see where he is in another 12 weeks 

Now I’ve given all these guys information & they’ve used it 

I’ve given you a lot of information

The question is have you used it…?

Answer honestly 

If you haven’t you’re wasting your time 

Do you wanna keep wasting you time? 

I expect not to be honest 

Time to do something with the information man 

Or if you have something you’re struggling with then let me know 

I’m sure I can help you & in fact I want to help you 

Balls in your court man 

You should probably hit it 

Reply & let em know what you’re struggling with

Unless you’re happy with continuing to waste your time…?


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