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Your Nutrition Sucks!? Let me tell you why

The boy Anthony Joshua is a beast

Did you see the highlights of another knockout this weekend

He’s making these other heavyweights look like amateurs

I gotta feeling he’s gonna take out Klitschko, Tyson Fury & even
David Haye if they fight

Klitschko looks past it

Haye’s gotta be just coming back for a few paydays

& you’ve got Tyson Fury out in France partying with the England

The video I saw he was buying a massive round of JagerBombs

Now hate Fury or love him you’ve gotta respect his honesty
(I quite like him by the way)

He says it how it is & does what he wants

Honesty is a rare thing these days

Boxing is a prime example

How many fighters fight on too long

How many fighters come out of retirement when they really shouldn’t

How many fighters don’t devote themselves to it & achieve what they

In all of these instances they could all do with some straight up honesty

People lie

& the number 1 person thats gonna lie to you is…


If you’re a modern man like me no doubt you have a bit of an ego

We always think we know whats best

& our minds have a funny way of telling us what we want to hear

Worst of all so do people around us

People lie

Thats why these fighters fight too long

It’s why they make awful decisions and waste their potential

It’s why McGregor will probably get his ass kicked by Diaz again

It’s why people even when they try can’t lose fat

It’s why skinny guys stay skinny

& it’s why there’s a good chance what you’re doing right now isn’t

& is a complete waste of time & effort

Fortunately for you I’m an honesty guy

& I’m happy to help where I can

So lets find out if you’ve been lying to yourself

Or other people have been lying to you

& the nutrition plan or strategy you have in place to reach your goal

Actually sucks!

All you need to do is reply with your goal (try & be detailed)

& what you’re doing or eating

Do that & I’ll find a couple minutes to give you my thoughts

So… Does your nutrition suck?

Well nows the perfect time to find out

Marcus ‘KO’ Duharty


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