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You DON’T need a training programme…

Most personal trainers wouldn’t tell you this

& even though this may cost me money 

It’s the truth which is always what matters the most 

“You don’t need a training programme” 

Confused hearing a trainer say that? 

Well lets look at these facts

4 x 60 minute sessions a week equals 4 hours… Obviously 

Getting this many sessions done is pretty good going for most people 

But when you minus 4 hours from 168 hours which is the amount in 1 week 

You get 164 hours 

Again pretty obvious 

But this means that training equals just 6.72% of your week 

Yes… 6.72%!

The problem I find is guys come to me focusing on this 6.72% 

& completely disregarding the other 93.28% 

Like literally not thinking about it at all 

& saying they need a new training programme to shift the weight 

My reply… “YOU don’t need a new training programme” 

Which is why inside of the online group I coach Build&Blast

99% of the content provided through the membership site & exclusive members only group 

Focuses on the 93.28% 

The guys that struggle & don’t get a result… They focus on the 6.72% and not a lot else

Thats the truth 

Focus on the real important bits my man & I promise you things will start to change 

& if they don’t you know where I am 



Yes you can see how the group I coach works by clicking the image below me 

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