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You Cant Be Bothered… Been There?

I know you’ve been there

Flat out at work

Grafting for the promotion

Or for the extra commission or bonus

Starting early

& always getting back late

Feeling fucking knackered at the end of the day

With training being the last thing you want to do

You literally cant be bothered any more

Don’t worry I’ve been there

I used to work 2 jobs

I was doing a masters part time

Running my Online Personal Training on the side

Had a gf to keep happy

& when that fucked up

I had to find even more time to entertain other chicks I wanted

to have fun with

Cos solo sex aint all that fun trust me

My schedule was a bit like what I imagine yours is


It was damn hard work

But I always kept my training up

& one thing that helped & I think it will help you

is not spending hours in the gym

Fuck that 

in & out in 45 was the target

60mins MAX

This is the same for a few guys I train right now

Whether they’re in a membership group or we work 1-1

You might be thinking

If they’re so pushed on time

How are their sessions working?

Well I actually already told you

I put the template in the FREE Booklet I sent you 

Strength & Size in 60mins was the section

& you probably didn’t even read it…

Well thats cool cos you’re here so you’ve taken action either way

But are you still taking ages to get your sessions done?

Or you just don’t bother cos you haven’t got the time?

That really shouldn’t be the case

& is a bullshit excuse

I have a solid set up you can work from

I suggest you re read it in the booklet

& if that doesn’t work

I’ll adjust things so they do

That’s why it’s called PERSONAL training

Whatever the hell YOU need I’ll provide it

All you need to do is take a bit more action

& contact me at the form below 


Marcus ‘Forget solo sex’ Duharty

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