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You can not t*ss it off…

Firstly did you see the example food day I sent yesterday? 

Click to download & check the PS of this email for the quantities 

& now a dose of reality

If you want to shift fat this week 

DO NOT toss this week off…!

A lot of people will already be thinking ‘F*ck this I’ll start again Monday’

The question is do you want to be like a lot of people??

Pissed off & only making it worse…!?

We both know the answer to that

It doesn’t matter how hard it is….

You can not give up & you can not toss it off

I don’t care if you can only manage a couple of decent meals & cant get to the gym

Just keep on going

Even if it’s just for the simple reason that if you keep giving up NOTHING changes

You literally stay the same

Actually that’s a lie

You get WORSE

& who the hell wants that!?

I posted this into Build&Blast90 yesterday & it got a great response from the guys 

I know a load of them will be struggling after the 4 day weekend 

But they know we’re not after perfection 

Just some effort & a step forward from where they were the week before is all we ask 

& is all they need to ultimately succeed

Sometimes we all need a kick in the ass & a reality check though 

So… Are you going to toss this week off? 



I probably should have mentioned this sooner 

But prices are going to increase 

I haven’t discussed with Cameron when yet but it will be in the next 2 weeks

You can secure a place before that happens though at the link below 



Note: You can double up on the porridge & blueberries 

Have 2 of the burgers

& 2 of the tandoori chicken breasts

Also the strawberry smoothie can go in with breakfast, mid morning or after your workout 

Which ever works best for your schedule 

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