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Yesterdays email pissed a few people off

But as you’re still here I have something for you

An invite to join an exclusive group of guys changing how they
look & feel

Like no longer are they embarrassed or feeling like crap

But are now revelling in the compliments & new found attention

Here’s where you head to find out more > http://marcusduharty.com/buildblast

A few of the guys in the group remind me of Jordan Belfort

You know the ‘Wolf on Wall Street’

What I love about him is as he starts to grow & earn good money

He just wants more & more & more of it

& it reminds me of the guys getting success in the group right now

Once it starts they can’t get enough of it

Always asking me what else they can add to improve more

With motivation to keep the results coming through the roof

& even though it was Jordan Belforts downfall in the end

That drive & determination he had not to be just another guy with
a few quid

But the leader of his own destiny & being able to dominate his industry

Is so damn motivating

The feeling he had when he walked into rooms with people clapping
& cheering him must be insane

You can’t buy that type of feeling

But I know from talking to the guys I work with

That they have a similar feeling when people start to admire & compliment

Like when the girlfriend starts to notice & make cheeky comments

When the kids start to mimic their ‘SuperDad’

Or when the guys in the office start asking how you did it

In those few seconds & even for a while after they feel…


& maybe even a bit UNSTOPPABLE

When was the last time you felt powerful or unstoppable about the
way you look my man?

Don’t forget that invite to chat is still there


& even before we chat I have an idea that you’d be a good fit
for the groups I run

Firstly you actually bothered to read what I said yesterday

(you can read yesterdays email here)

I can tell that as you’re still here & didn’t unsubscribe (I’m at nearly 400 now)

Nor did you send me an abusive reply (they’re becoming regular as well)

See I only want people in my groups that I’d enjoy working with

& fit well with the rest of the guys in the group

Therefore moaners, negative nigels, truth avoiders & keyboard warriors
need NOT apply

You can at the link below though

But don’t forget the price increases in less than 5 days 

Speak to you soon



When the spaces I have available get taken up

I’m closing entry to the programme

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