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Worst journeys of my life

14 hours on a bus in Cambodia

12 hours on a Train in Thailand

6 hours on a banana boat in Laos

I’ve been on some killer journeys in the last couple years

Let’s be honest the journey to get somewhere pretty much always

The bus broke down in Cambodia

The bed on the train in Thailand was cramped as & stiff as a board

& I was literally fearing for my life on the boat in Laos

No exaggeration here

I’m talking 8 man wooden banana ‘long boat’

With a Yamaha Superbike engine on the back

& low lying rocks waiting for us to crash in to

We had to wear motorbike helmets ffs

Anyway the eventual destination to each of those treacherous journeys was…

Priceless !

Just like Ben’s journey from…

Fat out of shape & depressed

To lean strong & growing in confidence

Bodyweight had ups & downs

There’s been some tough training sessions along the way

But in Ben’s own words

“It’s been the best investment I’ve ever made”

We finally got through two 10 month goals last week

From 145kg down to under 100kgs

& 10 full unassisted pull-ups

These were almost unimaginable 10 months ago

But you can see the video of Ben KILLING it below

& those back muscles are ‘popping’

Whatever journey you’re on right now

The goal is probably unimaginable

There’s no doubt it will be hard to reach

But there’s 100% chance it will be worth it

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