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Will She Cheat On You?

Imagine if we could answer this question 

It would have saved me a lot of time, money & bullshit 

You really never know whats going to happen

But you can do all you can to predict it 

Another killer quote from Ryan Stewman the other day was this

“If you aint handling your business at home”

“Half your money gonna be GONE”

& thats just right 

In todays age if you’re a married man who’s not handling business at home you’re going to feel it in the pocket 

Shit you may even lose half the money you’ve worked hard & used up all your time for if a divorce happens 

& if you got kids… Well fuck we’re talking worst case scenario here

So before you complain saying you’ve got no time for this that & the other 

But are grafting in the office & making everything perfect at work 

Just think about where the real priorities lie 

Just think about the consequences of focusing your time & effort in the wrong areas

Home & family life should always come first 

Even more so if you’re married with kids

Keeping your wife or partner happy is so damn important my man 

But lets be honest an overweight guy, lacking confidence & control who’s let himself go isn’t likely to do the job 

Especially if thats a far cry from where you were when you got married or started seeing each other 

Becoming lazy, adding weight, less energy, disappearing confidence, building an extra tyre or man boobs & having less testosterone for bedroom action 

I doubt she wants any of these things that we know can creep in 

Especially when you’re in the office all day, working away eating crap whilst focusing on commissions and promotions

& neglecting to focus your time on other super important areas  

Does this sound like you? 

Is this happening in your life? 

Are you working & eating yourself to a future unhappy home life & partner 

& the potential “half your money gonna be gone” scenario 

I might sound like a dick but I don’t care 

I only speak the truth even when it’s uncomfortable to hear 

If this pisses you off then it’s worth considering what the reason it does is 

Cos I know for sure the truth hurts 

But not as much as the pain & embarrassment of being cheated on (experienced it) or the “half your money gone scenario” (seen it)

If this sounds like a not to distant reality to you & you’re ready for change just contact me below 


Unless the half your money gone & being a once a week dad scenarios sit well with you?? (It really doesn’t have to)


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