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Why you’ve failed to shift weight before

Apart from the calories in calories out blah blah blah 

It’s basically one of these things: 

* You joined a gym/facility where no one speaks to you or cares you’re there 

* You got a personal trainer who only helps you for an hour or 2 a week 

* You chose a form of exercise you can’t stand (like running)

* You chose a restrictive diet that stops you eating & drinking things you enjoy 

Thats basically it 

Now lets flip it on its head

When you’ve finally shifted weight here’s why you would have done it

It will be at least one if not all of these things: 

* You joined a gym/facility where the staff genuinely are there to help you & care about your progress

* You got a coach who supports you through the whole week (It’s more likely the other 160+ hours a week you struggle not the session or plan itself)

* You choose exercise you enjoy (Outside of fun, different & challenging gym sessions white collar amateur boxing programmes or Krav Maga jump to mind)

* You learn how to eat & drink things you like but still shift weight (It’s possible)

Thats basically it 

If you’re struggling now one, two, three or all of these things will be present when you finally crack it & shift that weight 

Thankfully for you I can provide at least 3 of them 

Which even with a gym that sucks guarantees you a result 

Which ones of the last list are you missing right now? 

Find a solution to the one you’re missing & watch the fat drop off faster & easier than ever 



I have spaces in my Online Training & Nutrition Coaching Groups 

The results are guaranteed 

But the price goes up soon 

All the information you need is here


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