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Why you should Bicep Curl.. A LOT

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Anyway here are my thoughts on bicep curls…”

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Forget anyone who tells you a bicep curl isn’t a functional exercise.

Here’s what you should say to them if they do..

“Surely if I want big biceps it’s one of the most functional movements I can do?”

Let them chew on that one for a bit & if they tell you chin ups are just as good. Which I 100% agree are Just tell them…

“I’ll start with some weighted chins (which you could/probably should) & finish with some curls… problem?”

I’m genuinely not sure what they can come back with on that.

To be fair though I remember stopping my athletes curling back in the day

 Mainly because I wanted them to complete the programme I’d set focusing on improving them solely as athletes. Which of course curls have little support for.

Also once one starts they’ll all be doing it. But times have changed…

For me right now running 2 Online Training & Nutrition Groups means I LOVE programming curls for the guys I train

If they want to fill their T-shirt sleeves then I’m all about helping them build a big set of arms. I have some killer curl variations I use specifically for this.

My focus on training these guys is making them feel amazing about themselves… Thats it.

& if they’re turning heads with some bulging biceps.

There’s a good chance their confidence is gonna be through the roof as lets be honest a lot of guys feel good with an arm pump.

& a lot of women do like a decent set of arms.

So you my Friend should be curling as much as you can (ok to a slight limit). If big arms make you feel better about yourself anyway.


In fact just work on whatever makes YOU feel good or better about yourself. Isn’t that what we train for anyway?

I’m not gonna lie when my arms feel pumped I feel great. The same as when my abs are on point. I guess there’s certain things where you feel the same.

That’s why you should forget what the douchebag ‘functional guys’ say & do whatever makes you feel good

Cos like I always highlight Personal CONFIDENCE is EVERYTHING..!

& this is coming from an ACCREDITED Strength & Conditioning coach

Where sports performance is the goal & curls don’t really fit. Although if curls made my athletes more confident maybe we should have done them more??

Take home point for you…. Do whatever makes you feel good

& if thats curls… then curl on my friend

Marcus ‘Curls for the girls ;-)’ Duharty


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Now go do some curls man. But please don’t do them in the squat rack…


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