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You know when you hear politicians speak 

& you know literally everything that comes other their mouth is utter BS

Yeah if you’re anything like that any coaching I run is NOT FOR YOU 

That may sound harsh but I hear BS all the time:

“I hate the way I look” 

“I dread taking my shirt off” 

“I struggle to play with my kids” 

“I look a mess” 

These are all things I’ve heard in the last 2 weeks on applications to Build&Blast

Pretty sad stuff really that is clearly a real struggle for the guys writing these things 

But believe it or not these answers are from guys who DIDN’T sign up 

Guys who have literally chosen to stay the same  

Meaning that what they said initially was mainly BS 

Yeah we’ll keep on getting better at showing the guys how we can solve their problems 

But if you’re not: 

* Willing to stop blaming others & realise it’s all down to you 

* Going to stop making BS excuses & quitting 

* Willing to invest in the most important person… Yourself 

* Committed to man the F up get off your ass & change 

* Ready to do whats needed to have your friends jealous & partner buzzing

* Use your brain & apply the information we give 

Anything I do IS NOT for you 

The culture & attitude we have inside the group doesn’t need that 

We can give you all the info & support in the world but it’s wasted if you do NOTHING with it 

Take this video for example 

The whiteboard overview I give in it will help you work out how many calories & the amount of protein you need to shift fat 

Will you apply the info though? 

Highly doubtful 

Which really is the problem 

& why any of the programmes I run 

Even my Premium 1-1 Online Coaching service which is back open for a limited time 

Is not for you 


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