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Why they both started crying on me

I’ve got a question for you… What’s stopping you making the progress you want right now? 

Before you answer that let me tell you about the time I had 2 girls start crying on me

I had no idea what to do 

I was in my old job running a module on a University degree programme 

(3rd best Sports Science Degree in the country I’ll add)

& had just marked 80 2000 word assignments 

These girls weren’t happy with the mark I’d given them

& here we are with them crying on me 

The reality of it was though if they’d done a bit better work we wouldn’t be in this situation 

& not once did I see them in my office asking questions or emailing me for support

The students that did ask for help… Well I’m sure you can guess how they got on 

Which leads me back to this question… What’s stopping you making the progress you want right now? 

& what questions can I answer for you today? 

18 guys joined Build&Blast90 last week so I’ll have my hands full getting them going & supporting them

But I definitely have time for your questions 

I’ll 100% be continuing to put out daily content on my Instagram & Facebook Pages 

So you might as well get your problems solved whilst you can 

Unless you fancy crying at your result like the 2 girls 

So for a 3rd & final time

What is it that’s stopping you making the progress you want RIGHT NOW? 



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