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Why the sun coming out is a BAD thing!

I didn’t notice from all the Facebook updates 

But then I aim the guy that loves a sun & beach shot from down under

So maybe I should shut up 

Anyway there’s one guarantee when the sun comes out 

People wear less clothes 

It’s why people are so fit & in shape out here in Australia 

Bondi in particular where I live is ridiculous 

The guys are in serious shape

& the women… If there is a god he’s shining down hard on this part of the world I’m telling you 

Now I know from my job that not all of us guys look forward to the sun coming out 

Less clothes & more skin is almost a nightmare for a lot of guys I speak to & coach 

& I get it 

The problem is it’s inevitable that the sun will come out

& the weather will get warmer 

& also that one nice weekend in England means… Well not a lot really

It’ll probably rain for the rest of April meaning that there is time 

Time to change if you’re a guy who hates the July & August weather 

Now one thing to note is core exercises like these ones 

As good & as tough as they are 

(The first & last one are my favourites

WILL NOT strip the fat from your midsection area 

Nutrition & moving more will be the first things to turn to here 

But lets be real you know that already 

So it really boils down to 

When are you going to be fed up of being fed up? 

Sixk & tired of being sick & tired?

& pissed off with being pissed off? 

Only you can answer that 

But me, Cameron & a group of supportive guys getting guaranteed results will be here when you do 




Don’t misinterpret guaranteed results as a throw away statement 

When you join Build&Blast90 results are guaranteed otherwise we’ll give you every penny you invested back 


We don’t want your money if our programme doesn’t do it’s job 

& for damn sure we aren’t here to rip you off 

We’ll leave that to the big gym chains who don’t know your name 

Or the PT’s who just stand there & count your reps 

& charge you to only help you for 1 hour a week 

If you’re looking for that you’re in the wrong place my man 

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