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Why Prices Are Going Up

Well I’ve got to prepare for World War 3 right 

Gonna get me a big ass tank to live in for when it all kicks off 

Jokes a side with the whole debacle going on focus your energy on stuff that actually matters to you day in day out 

That will definitely help rather than focusing on shit thats completely out of your control 

Anyway prices are going up now for 1 reason

I hate January ‘new year new me’ people 

I get that January’s a good time to start cos of blah blah blah 

But the kind of guy that is only motivated for a few weeks at the start of the year is 100% NOT the guy I wanna work with 

Especially for my 1-1 coaching group 

This is a results guaranteed group where I personally coach you to shift the weight you have 

I’m here to help guys feel more confident

Have better relationships

Perform better in the office

Have more & better sex

& feel like the best version of themselves faster & forever

Not babysit someone who quits after a few weeks 

I’m also not interested in the guys looking for deal or bargain at that time of year 

I get that price is an issue which is why I have options and different priced groups 

But there will be plenty of gyms & programmes offering deals that are cheaper to take you’re money with no result 

That’s not my game 

& remember I guarantee you a result or your money back 

I’m the one taking all the risk 

& we know what happens when you sign up for a new gym in January 

They take your money & never speak to you again 

Literally fucking never… Except when you say you’re leaving or miss a payment 

They’re your best friend again at that point 

We’ve all fallen for that one before 

When you’re stuck in a contract is the worst

Anyway thats it 

Prices for my 1-1 coaching group will go up within the next 2-3 weeks 

The guarantee of results will stay the same 

But the monthly cost for the initial 90 day coaching will increase

If you wanna start on the current rate which will save you over £100 then you need to get in contact with me ASAP 

Why wait & pay more my man?



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