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When I was a kid I was always scared

I was rarely in trouble at school

Purely cos I was scared of teachers

& scared of what my parents would do if they found out

Basically I was made accountable to my actions

What I did had a consequence I didn’t want to face

I think that process works quite well

Then when you become an adult it all changes

The only person we become accountable to is ourselves

& let’s be honest it’s pretty easy to let yourself down

Which is probably why most people end up sitting on their ass
all day

Put on weight

& use being busy as the reason

The thing is everyone is busy

I’m busy

All the guys I work with are busy

But we all still get it done

& it’s for one reason only

I ask them to level up & hold them accountable

Simple as that

They level up by investing good money they’ve earned into it

& I hold them accountable to what they said they would do on
a daily basis

In a nutshell that is what I offer

Cos let’s be honest you have a decent idea how to train

& don’t tell me you don’t know what to eat

The thing you’re missing is some support

– The Accountability to actually do it

– & the Investment into doing it

Cos you know when you’ve actually paid for something you’re not
gonna waste it

So… Am I right?

Is this what you’re missing?

If it is what you gonna do about it?

My 90 day Build&Blast Programme is a good place to start

Here’s where you head for info about it

Build&Blast: 90 Day Online Training & Nutrition Programme 

I was looking for 3 guys to start this week but I’ve already filled 2 spots

If you’re ready to go don’t hang around as I keep the numbers low &
quality high

Is this what you’re missing?


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