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Why my Dad is wrong on this

My old mans a straight G

Love the guy to death & I could never thank him 

enough for what he’s done for me 

But I have to disagree with him on this point 

See my old man is always fixing things 

Either DIY around the house 


Or when we were younger fixing me or my sisters 


It’s almost like he could do anything 

One week my exhaust

The next the shower 

Then the garden fence

A man of many skills

& also a hell of a lot of patience 

& perseverance

If you’re anything like me you’re not great with either of those

Especially not when I can pay someone else to do it for me 

I’d ALWAYS say to him & still do 

“You should just pay someone to do that” 

In my mind it makes sense

Rather than me waste time working out how to do it 

& probably getting it wrong 3 or 4 times 

I’d much prefer to pay someone else to do a better job in half the time 

Like I’d rather spend that time working on my own business to earn 


Or spending the time doing something I enjoy

Or if I had a wife & kids doing something with them 

Thats just my thoughts anyway 

The only thing I’m doing right now I could pay someone else to do is 

stuff for the #TeamHUD website 

& the only reason for that is money 

Now I understand that money will always hold you back from fully

getting someone to do things you’re not an expert in for you

Which is why #TeamHUD provides done for you training programmes

A nutrition video series showing you exactly what to do with your nutrition 

All for less than £12.50 per week 

I know that is seriously good value right 

Well you also get access to me & my man Cameron daily…

In fact pretty much 24/7 right now 

& again thats all for less than a Nandos

Now unless you actually enjoy spending (wasting) time ‘guessing’ 

Or using trial & error but getting nowhere with your training & nutrition

#TeamHUD Training, Nutrition & Motivation Membership is a hell of an 

option for you 

I’m not gonna say its the best but it’s likely in the top 1 options you have 

right now 

For more info & if you’re looking to join head to this link 


Marcus ‘Top 1’ Duharty


If you’re seriously struggling to make progress right now 

But this is still too much for you to invest 

Then bear this in mind 

The other group I run is now in the 000’s per month 

So the value of this really is huge 

Plus I GUARANTEE results if you follow the steps

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