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Why Low Calorie SUCKS!

If you drop your calories you WILL shift fat 

That is INEVITABLE in around 99.9% of circumstances

& before you start you my friend are not the 0.1% 

So common sense says drop your calories down & you’re on to a winner

Unfortunately there’s a BUT…

Cos if you drop them too low all that hard work could be wasted

& I see this happen a lot 

Especially with the ‘JuicePlus/HerbalLife/Meal replacement/Sugar drinks instead of food BS diets that are somehow still at large 

They create a massive calorie drop which means you start to shift weight 

& I said weight here not fat… There’s a big difference

Yes a load of that weight will be fat… But there’s a huge chance a lot of it will be muscle as well 

Meaning you’ll end up slightly lighter but looking the same 

No lean & muscular physique with good definition round the chest, arms, shoulders & abs

No… The man boobs will likely still be there but you’ll just be a bit…. smaller

Which kinda sucks

& let’s be honest what guy wants to lose the muscle he’s spent ages trying to build anyway? 

I know I don’t & I doubt you do as well 

As a rough guide somewhere around the 2000 calories should be ok for most of us to shift fat a decent amount of fat at a decent speed

Some can do it higher… Maybe even 2500+ but also if you’re already lean ish a touch under 2000 may be needed

Flying straight down to the 1500 or under area really isn’t needed

& makes even less sense with 2 x 250 calorie shakes & 1 meal of 1000 calories

Are you really going to eat like that forever as well all know it goes back on (plus more) when you start eating as you were before 

This scenario sucks

Plus as well as risking dropping some of the muscle you’ve built you’ll also end up feeling like shit

Become a grouchy miserable dick 

& may even lose your sex drive 

Fuck that

Don’t put yourself through that my man 

There is NO NEED

In Build&Blast90 I explain to the guys exactly how to avoid this scenario happening & still get them blasting fat faster & forever

All they have to do is follow what are pretty straight forward steps & they’ve blasted fat, built confidence & feel years younger again 

Sounds pretty good don’t you think?



Even though both of my Build&Blast Online Training Groups are closed right now

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