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Why Is This Ice Cream So Expensive?

For all the stunning beaches cool bars & restaurants in Bondi

Plus of course the veeerrrryyyy decent eye candy

One of the most popular places is the Messina Gelato parlour

You know those fancy gaffs selling overpriced ice cream

I’m not sure when it became a thing but it’s massive here

I’ve never seen it without a crowd outside

With clever marketing, branding & changing the name (Gelato is Italian
for ice cream) the gelato market is booming

I’m sure they’re blowing up everywhere at home as well

Like every evening I walk past the one in Bondi there must be 30 people
waiting outside

& I’ve walked past with friends a few times & every time they’ve said
“you fancy some ice cream”

It’s funny cos you can get an ice cream in McDonalds for 25 pence

& these places are charging $5+ per scoop

So a decent ice cream costs 10-15 dollars so like 6-8 pounds

I still think of a 99 ice cream being £1 maybe £2 at most

I must be just getting old as I’m a guy who never shops on price

Plus I used to eat ice cream half a box at a time so I’d be spending a
small fortune in these gaffs

I never realised ice cream sorry I mean ‘g e l a t o’ had such a big impact on
peoples lives

It must be a thing where the more expensive your ice cream is the ‘better’ person
you are

Or some bollocks like that anyway…

The thing is these places must be serving quality product

Or over delivering on customer service

They have to be to be this popular

People aren’t buying on price here as they’d just go to McDonalds

Now I’ve got no problem with affordable luxuries but…

I do find it funny though to think about the amount of people paying a premium
price for posh ice cream

Who are then miserable & self conscious about how they look on the beach
come the weekend

Tell me how that makes sense…

Anyway… Do you buy on price or on quality?

Or do you look for something in the middle?

If you’ve paid for Training or Nutrition help or products before how have you
decided which one to go for?

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Anyway I’m off for some gelato (over priced ice cream)

Marcus ‘Ice Cream Bulking’ Duharty

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