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Why InstaBook Is A Lie & Conor McGregors The Man

People don’t really look like that 


With the amount of filters & photoshop these days no one

looks like their pictures

Sorry to burst your bubble but your man crush doesn’t walk 

around with a ‘Lo-Fi’ Instagram filter on them 24/7

& neither do they have the conveniently well positioned gym 


or those weird mirrors that ALWAYS make you look bigger

& more ripped than you are 

Yeah some of these guys are in serious shape but you should 

NEVER let that affect your thoughts 

NEVER let that make you feel inadequate 

NEVER let that make you feel like your journey isn’t a significant 


& NEVER let anyone else’s opinions or thoughts change how you feel 

about yourself & what you do 

Take it from me you should do whatever you want 

Whatever works for you & forget everyone else 

Your progress is massively important to the one person that matters 


Just like Glen is happy that he’s already seeing the pounds drop off

after his holiday 

Just like Ben who’s now over 30kg down in bodyweight & looking & 

feeling way better about himself 

Just like Brad who’s started his Build&Blast journey off to a flyer & is 

super motivated to change before his next holiday 

Just like Marcus who since building 7kg of muscle & having a solid focus on 

training & nutrition has seen both his wife & kids replicating his habits

& just like the latest #TeamHUD member to join the group Nathan who posted 

yesterday buzzing with enthusiasm after the 3 hour bike ride he’d just blasted 

All that matters to these guys is whats best for them 

Nothing else but them 

& if you don’t wanna take it from me take it from Conor McGregor

He’s gone from a broke fighter from Ireland to a megastar in a couple years doing 

exactly whats best for him 

Not worrying about others

Or letting what they do get in his way 

Hence his actions lately & most recent comments about focusing on whats best 

for him

My advise

Fuck what anyone else thinks 

Take InstaBook with a pinch of salt 

& do you man! 

& if you need help with the last point I have a number of packages guys are killing 

right now 

I’m more than happy to chat & see what option is best for you 


Marcus ‘Doing Me’ Duharty

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