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Why I Love Kim Kardashian & What You should Learn From Her

So people are happy to jack themselves off watching porn 

Yet hammer Kim K for posting a picture where she’s not even showing anything 

Explain to me how that makes sense

Double standards or what 

**Note: I’m giving you a shit hot effective way to set your weeks training up

in this email so bear with me a moment

Just like the same people slagging of Kanye West 

Were bouncing along to his College Dropout Album 10 years ago

& dont start me on the McGregor haters

People saying he’s too arrogant & a loud mouth yeah

Well jeeez if you knew anything about the sport you’d know most of the reason

Nate Diaz got given the fight was cos of his loud mouth & badboy antics

& these are arguably way worse the McGregor’s

Fuck you can watch him kicking a guy on the floor in a mass

brawl AFTER a fight at this link if you want 


So what should you learn from Kim K 

Doing the same as everyone else get’s you nowhere…

Well actually you’ll end up… In the same place as everyone else 

Working a 9-5 watching someone who did something different on TV

or in gym terms 

Looking like everyone else

Especially the majority of guys still only hitting bodyparts once a week 

Come on man it’s not the Arnie 1970’s era any more

Times have changed

Let me show you what I think is a much better way for you to set your 

training programme up 

It’s really simple as well 

The article is at the link below (3 mins reading time)

Link > Training Like A BodyBuilder Sucks: Do This Instead

Now I know you love hitting a guns session 

That bicep pump is a great feeling I know that 

But with this format you can hit them double the amount 

Yeah I know double the guns double the gains right… 

Just read the article & do a Kim K 

Marcus ‘Gwan Kim K’ Duharty


A mate of mine said I looked ‘good’

& I cried in the gym 

Both of these things helped me get in the best shape of my life

I’ll tell you how tomorrow 


Here’s the link to that article again 

Link > Training Like A BodyBuilder Sucks: Do This Instead


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