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Why Eating Healthy Makes You Fat

2 reasons…

Both simple as you like

& both of these we’ve ALL made once in our lives

Yes even me

& even men wiser than me

So here they are

1. You don’t actually no what eating healthy is…

(if it even exists…!?)

“Nuts are good yeah, great lets have loads of those”

“& I heard avocado is a ‘superfood’

Better make sure I get 10 of those when I go shopping”

“The ripped guy on InstaBook eats Proats (protein oats) every

I’ll just do that & get super shredded like him”

“There’s good fats in peanut butter you know

10 scoops a day will do nicely then”

As true as each of these statements are

Each one of these foods is SUPER HIGH IN CALORIES

& if you’re trying to lose fat it doesn’t take a genius to work out
that eating bundles of each could kill your progress

(Of course this doesn’t make them a bad food though or something
to avoid)

& point 1 leads nicely into point 2

2. If you eat too many calories… You’re gonna put on weight 

Simple as that my man

You can eat all the ‘healthy’ food you want

But if you eat too much

You’re gonna put on weight

& if you’re not strength training hard

That weights gonna be fat

There was actually a guy who did an experiment once

All he ate were those snickers ice cream bars

& Dominoes pizzas for 3 months

He didn’t put on a single kilo of fat

Not 1…

All because he didn’t eat over his maintenance level of calories

What a dream eh…

Apparently he died from brain freeze from all the ice cream though

I also just made that up but the principle still stands

Eat under your maintenance calories & you won’t put on fat

& eat all the ‘healthy’ food you want but if it’s too much you’ll put fat

Regardless of how ‘super’ or ‘good fat’ your food is

Anyway I’m off to buy my bodyweight in ice cream & have a bath in it

I’ll leave you with 2 thoughts though

Are you eating ‘healthy’ but still putting on fat?

Do you really have a clue what you actually should be eating for you goals? 

Marcus ‘Drowning in Ice Cream’ Duharty

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