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What the F is going on !?

I’d never seen anything like it 

I heard there were more bikes than people in this city but this was on

another level 

I’m not lying crossing the road is like a military operation 

I had to have vision like Paul Scholes in the middle of Old

Trafford to not get hit 

Im describing my first day landing in Vietnam 

We arrive in the city so good they named it twice Ho Chi Minh/Saigon

with plans to buy motorbikes and ride the 700 miles to the capital Hanoi

My first thought when I step off the bus… 

“Na this aint happenin” 

My second thought… 

“Seriously what the fuck is going on I can NEVER ride in this city” 

I’d love to try & paint a perfect picture of what I saw to you 

The best I can do is this… 

Imagine a fishing trailer with about 1000000 tuna fish just caught & flapping 

about in the net & on the deck 

Thats what the roads looked like to me 

Motorb ikes EVERYWHERE

Like literally 

& bikes with whole families on 

Like 3 or 4 children just casually chilling on the side

It was mental

My description probably doesn’t do it justice so quickly go to google images & 

put in ‘Motorbikes Saigon’ 

The first image says it all 

So basically as you can imagine I bottled it 

But 3 months later we’re living in the city & I’m riding a bike through the same

traffic EVERY DAY 

& loving it 

I used to fly through the streets like a chocolate flavoured Valentino Rossi 

Although I’m not gonna lie for the first 2 weeks I was shit scared

& I did nearly get killed by a bus on my first day

Overall it was a fun experience though & something I never thought I’d be able to do 

& thats the thing 

Before you do something new it’s always a big thing 

& it’s normal to apprehensive or even worried about it 

& of course you’ll have doubts 

I’m sure Ben doubted he could drop over 30kg of fat before he started

& now he’s dreaming setting goals of a six pack 

There’s no way Marcus (not me) believed he could add 7kg of bodyweight on after 

trying to build size for years 

Yet he did it and enjoyed the process

There’s always going to be doubt in your head

The little voice telling you you cant do it 

& there’s ALWAYS a story you’re using to make yourself believe you cant do it 

Well without trying you’ll never know 

So whatever your goal is fuck the story you’re telling yourself 

Face the doubts & give it a shot 

& if that has to do with Training & Nutrition then you can get in touch with me here 


Marcus ‘ChocoValentino’ Duharty


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