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What are you still doing here?

“Go & boil your head mate…”

That was a reply to one of my emails I sent last week

Made me laugh as all I could think was who says that

& no one is forcing you to read this mate!

I was reminded of it when sat on the bus stop this morning

Yes I actually get a bus or train to get around

Anyway I watch 5 buses go past the opposite direction

Bit frustrating obviously

But you know what really pissed me off

The miserable lady sat next to me who wouldn’t stop moaning

Huffing & puffing

Complaining every 2 minutes

Moaning she was going to be late

Telling me how bad the system is

Seriously she didn’t shut up

I’m sure people like her take pleasure in moaning to other people

You know those people you just wanna tell to shut the hell up

I actually felt like just saying to her…

“You do have a choice you know”

Like she’s moaned so much what is she still doing here?

As far as I’m concerned get up earlier or get an uber

& leave me the hell alone

She made the choice to get the bus

Turn up to the stop at that time

& not leave enough time to get wherever she was going

Just like the guy who told me to boil my head

He has a choice to unsubscribe at any day he wants

I say that clearly in the first email I send out

Yet looking at the stats he still opens 75% of the emails he gets

& even replied with a question that I answered for him a few weeks

Ungrateful is the word that springs to mind…

Like no ones forcing him to be here

Just like no ones forcing you

& I gotta be honest

If you’re like either of these people

If you moan like hell all the time

See the downside of everything

Never accept responsibility for your own actions

& never do anything to change what you don’t like

What the hell are you still doing here??

Do us both a favour & hit the unsubscribe link below

Like you must know the place you’re in right now

They way you look & feel

They way people treat you

Is completely & 100% down to YOU

& if you can’t accept that you might as well leave

No skin off my nose

I know that sort of people I don’t wanna associate with

& I know the sort of people I do

Balls in your court

& the unsubscribe buttons below

Otherwise speak to you tomorrow my man


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