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What he said made me stop & think 

I’m going through the daily check ins in my 1-1 coaching group

& I asked him whether he’s going to get his sessions done this week 

To which he replied 


That reply made me think

What does hopefully really mean 

So I rang up Mr Google who told me something like this 

“Hopefully: God willing, If everything turns out alright, With luck”

Damn… What a load of bullshit 

In my honest & correct opinion hopefully is a poisonous word

Here’s why 

Firstly lets be real about it

No willing from anyone including god is going to do it for us 

Believe it or not thats a fact 

Secondly everything NEVER turns out alright

We all know there’s bumps in the road on every journey 

& finally luck.. If you’ve read my emails long enough you’ll know I don’t believe in luck one bit

Like Conor McGregor I’m a believer in hard work 

Not relying on some uncontrollable twist of fate to help us 

“Make your own luck” You can quote King Ken Duharty (my dad) for that one 

So to me “hopefully” is a poisonous word 

Just like “maybe”

As guys we should all know that when you ask a chick out or your partner a question & the reply is “yeah maybe” 

There’s not a snowballs chance in hell of it actually happening 

Hopefully & maybe are poisonous words

& if you catch yourself saying them it’s worth taking a moment to think

** Think about whether you’re actually committed to what you’re talking about

** Think about whether you actually already know you’re not going to what you’ve just said hopefully or maybe to  

** & think about whether if that is the truth should you just be honest & say that instead

See if my man in the group yesterday had said “I actually don’t think I’ll be able to do that”

We would have found a solution for his problems

I could have put his sessions into 2 or 3 full body sessions

I could have adjusted the exercises & made them shorter 

Or even provided some bodyweight session alternatives for him to do

After all I’m his personal coach & its what he pays me for 

& none of that would have been a problem 

I know things are tough out there 

Which is why I COACH the guys I work with in both of the groups I run

& don’t just take they’re money give them some plans & leave them to do what they’ve done before




Just so you know my man who definitely hasn’t used “hopefully” much when building his head hunting business up in London

Changed his “hopefully” to a “definitely” 

I’m just waiting for him to confirm whether thats realistic or not 


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