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We’re Literally Dying Right Now

Something hit me the other day

I was listening to a podcast the & a guy said

“Time is running out, You’re already half dead”

& I was like shit…

At 30 years old

Nearly half my life is over

I’m about 40% dead

My clock is literally ticking down to zero as I speak

So is yours

So is everyones

Sounds a bit morbid but we can’t deny it’s the truth

But the thing is…

We live like we’re going to live forever

Read that again

We live like we have time to put things off until tomorrow

“I’ll start that on Monday”

“Next week”

“Or next year”

When in reality our time is literally ticking away as we wait

& almost everything has a timeline

& a point where it’s no longer here

With that in mind

What are you putting off right now

& with the fact that you’re probably around half dead

Is there anything you need to change to make sure the rest of
your time is spent…


Almost everything has a timeline

& the time left to join Build&Blast at the current price is
ticking away

There’s less than 2 days before the price increases

So if you’ve been putting it off for a while

Act soon or you’ll be paying more next month

& forever after

Time is literally running out

Marcus ‘40% Dead’ Duharty

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