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We’re Burning Build&Blast90 Down

I almost burnt myself its so damn hot in here

The Build&Blast90 group is on fire right now 

I need to share some of the questions & answers with you 

For damn sure you’ll find some of the answers useful

Question from Chris (New Member): Is this a good breakfast –

Smoothie – 1 banana, 8 almonds, a few goji berries, little bit of honey,

1 scoop of PHD diet whey, 1 scoop of PHD greens, 225ml almond milk or 220ml full milk?

First reply from Marcus W (not me): What I would say is have a think about what that a goal looks like for you weight wise

Then you can work out how many calories you need to be eating

& protein needs to be 2grams for every kg you weigh so 80kg = 160kg of protein per day

*NOTE* I like this comment from Marcus (not me) as it’s pretty much spot on 

Second reply from James P: Hi Chris, Download MyFitnessPal if you haven’t done so already

It is a very easy way to check the calories in your smoothie

*NOTE* I liked this comment again as it’s spot on & is info Chris would have received during his first week anyway

It’s great to have other members reply with solid answers before I get a chance to reply 

One of the great things about the group 

My Reply: Great questions my man… 

What matters here is overall calories rather than what’s good or bad etc (Main thing to understand)

In the emails you’ll get this information & it will become apparent but it’s a running question so I’ll do a video tomorrow & post into the group

However you don’t have to track ongoing/forever but at the start it’s great to get a real understanding of what you’re eating 

So to answer the question… It will be a good breakfast if it fits in with the approximate calories you require for your goal

Same with your choice of milk

I’ll give you an idea of figures you need in tomorrow’s video 

Does that answer your question? 

I could have picked any of the other 10 or so questions that were flying around yesterday 

I hope you found this one useful

Look out for some more in the emails this week 

& for videos running through some of the fire thats been discussed so far 

You’ll see the videos on my Facebook Page Marcus Duharty Online Training & Nutrition 



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