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We All Love A Beer Or 10…

So we go out last night & my mate is STUPID drunk

Like playing right up & causing a scene

Shouting swearing annoying chicks & generally being a nause

Cockblocking not only himself but pretty much everyone else in the building

As annoying as he was fair play to him he was hilarious

But after a while we were like FFS calm down… Which of course only made him worse

That was the point when I realised how my mates must feel

I’m sure you can think of a few mates who are the same

Well I hold my hands up as I am that guy

I’m not ashamed to say it but I’ve been exactly like my mate last night

Yeah you may presume I’m a ‘fitness freak’

Dont drink alcohol or have ‘fun’

But that couldn’t be further from the truth

I’m not embarrassed to say I LOVE a night out with mates

Infact I think I have a gene that means I’m unable to turn down nights out

& have been known to be an absolute nuisance on nights out many a time

I think in the last couple of years I’ve settled down a bit though

No more being so blind drunk I try paying for drinks with my driving license

No more waking up on pool tables


Or bath tubs covered in shower gel on Greek islands

Or even worse a police cell in Ibiza (I’ll save this story for another day)

Although I did wake up in a taxi with no wallet in Vegas last New Years Eve

On the whole though learning from your previous fuck ups is something
you have to do

We all make them after all

It’s something I think a lot of guys miss in the gym though

The moment you start training you should be learning

Learning what works for YOU

What YOU need to do to stay lean

Or what YOU need to eat to grow

It should all be a learning process until you know exactly what works for you

Thats what I’ve spent the last 10 years doing

Training 100’s of athletes a week to get bigger, stronger or leaner

Training 1000’s of guys like you to do the same

Making a shit load of mistakes

Learning what works & what doesn’t

& building a solid system that gets YOU results

My latest programme that will do that is ‘Build & Blast’

A 90 day programme for busy ass guys who can’t be fucked to spend all day in
the gym

& wanna build a body but enjoy social occasions at the same time

Here’s where you find all the info you need


Marcus ‘That Drunken Twat’ Duharty

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