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Was that mental masturbation or a fight?

Lets talk about a big fight weekend & how many calories you need to eat 

Firstly I’m glad Haye lost (predicted it) but fair play to him 

He showed some bollocks which is more than I could say for the UFC guys 

Woodley V Thompson has to be the most boring fight I’ve ever seen 

25 minutes of mental masturbation 

2 guys thinking about doing something but never actually doing it 

Like a 12 year old boy in his bedroom watching RedTube 

Or a struggling man thinking about shifting some weight but not knowing where to start 

Luckily for you I’ll tell you exactly where to start 

& how much food YOU need as an individual to shift fat without counting calories

I’m making the assumption that 5 days out of 7 you eat pretty similar foods like most of us do 

We’ll cover the weekend later but lets get these 5 days sorted first 

First question: Are you losing weight right now? 

If yes carry on 

If no eat less calories

Here’s how 

You do 1 of 2 things 

A. Reduce overall portion sizes slightly in at least 1 meal 

B. Reduce the amount of a high ish calorie food you eat & replace it with something lower


There’s 400 calories in a 250g Uncle Bens Egg fried rice packet 

Lets reduce this slightly 

Say we only have half a packet & replace it with a Sainaburys mixed veg bag 

You know the ones you can do in the microwave? 

There’s 80 calories in a bag so a small change like this will save you 120 calories that day 

& even though I know you wouldn’t eat this every day there’s a reduction of 600 calories over the 5 days

Can you make a small adjustment like this daily without actually count anything?

If you do this with an even higher calorie food you make an even bigger difference 

Take Nuts replaced with Snack a Jacks as another example 

Now whether you choose A or B the final bit is important 

You continue to adjust until you start to lose fat 

This may be a few weeks 

But this point you now know the calories you’re eating are right for YOU as an individual to shift fat 

So you continue to eat very similarly and for a period of time you will continue to shift fat 

& you’ll do this without having to count your calories each & every day 

& you won’t even know the overall calorie number you’re eating 

But you will know that amount of food you need to shift fat

So if you’ve been mentally masturbating for a while 


& actually try this 

There’s some trial and error involved & tracking your calories does kinda make it easier/quicker

But this WILL work if you do it 

Let me check though… Does what I’ve said make sense? 

If it doesn’t & you have a question on what I’ve explained let me know 



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