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Walking outside with my top off & LOVING IT!

So he’s walking down the street with his shirt off

I’m sure you saw the guys doing this on the weekend 

It hit a scorching 20 degrees in the UK after all 

By why did this guy catch my eye? 

Because he posted a video in the Build&Blast90 Facebook group documenting his walk 

As he’s talking I cant help but think “Mate you need a tan” 

& just as I was writing it in the comments below the video he said something that made me stop…

In the most enthusiastic almost David Attenborough style voice he said…

“My biggest win for this week”

“Is that for the first time in 8 years” 

“I’m walking down the road” 

“WITHOUT my top on…… & LOVING IT”

Now of course I still wrote “You need a tan” under the video 

But for damn sure I praised him for achieving something that clearly meant a lot to him 

& I wrote it with a big ass smile of satisfaction & proudness across my face 

As I know the work we’ve done to get there 

& for me it’s 100% NOT about numbers on scales or barbells 

All it’s about is the ‘feeling’ 

The feeling of confidence he had to finally take his shirt off in public after 8 YEARS of never doing it

The feeling to then film himself doing it

Then the feeling to post that video in a group full of other people  

Thats what it’s all about for me 

That ‘feeling’ 

& helping 100’s if not 1000’s of guys achieve it 

I don’t know what it is for you 

Not getting banter for moobs on the beach, in the gym or the football club changing rooms

Getting compliments & the sexual attraction back from your partner 

Or being able to play with the kids & them not call you ‘Fat Dad’

It’s up to you what it is 

Just know that if you’re fed up & ready to get ‘The Feeling’

You know where I am 

Drop me a reply as I have room for a couple of 1-1 clients 



If you want to hear about this guys story

& where we started during his journey 

Here’s where you head 


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