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Video: How to drop fat & still enjoy your food

Can you eat pizza & chips & still lose fat?

Can you still meet friends for a couple drinks & still
get lean?

Do you have to eat bland tasteless food for every meal
when trying to drop weight?

If the answers to those questions don’t interest you then
move on

But if you wanna know:-

– How to eat foods you enjoy

– Still socialise & have drinks with friends

– & eat tasty flavoursome foods

Whilst still dropping body fat

Then watch this video

This is the exact same set up I use with my 2 Online groups

& if you do it right it works…

My man Bradley is 9kg down in his first 6 weeks

& Riz who’s looking to get down to below 10% body fat
was the lightest he’s ever been last week

Buzzing for them & can’t wait to see what we can do over the
next few months

Anyway I’m off to get Nikki & Joe’s Training plans finished,
nutrition reviewed & recipe booklet together

Make sure you watch the video my man

Unless of course you wanna keep eating bland tasteless food
& feeling hungry & tired all the time?

Marcus ‘Pizza Me Up’ Duharty

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