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Try James’ 20 min Workout

James works away on the ships 

Has suuuuuuuper early starts 

& eye wateringly long hours 

James is up against it with his training right now so we’ve kept things simple & manageable 

20 min sessions 3-4 times a week to keep him ticking over

Here’s one you can try 



Exercise 1A – Flat DB Press

Exercise 1B – DB Bench Rows


Exercise 2A – Seated DB Shoulder Press

Exercises 2B – DB Bicep curls  


Start with Exercise A & alternate between the 2 exercises (A & B) for 10 minutes

Rest as & when you need to (there’s no set rest you just rest when you feel like it & for as long or short as you like)

Complete 6-10 reps of each exercise before changing to the next one 

At the end of 10 minutes count the total amount of reps completed and record it as a target to beat in the following session



The idea here is for James just to do something 

He needs to hold on to the muscle we’ve worked hard to build & doing nothing whilst he’s away WILL NOT DO THAT 

Doing nothing NEVER helps you improve 

As Ryan Stewman said on a Facebook live video this morning “Fuck Your Excuses” 

If you’re struggling right now could you do something similar?

If you cant get to a gym could you use 4 bodyweight exercises (press ups, squats, lunges, dips) & get 20 minutes done?

& what excuses are you letting stop you that you really shouldn’t? 



Did I ever tell you I help guys who are busy & pissed of shift weight faster & forever?

& did I say that Results Are Guaranteed or your money back?

& did you know that prices increases at the end of November?

Well now you do

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