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Training & Nutrition DOES NOT Matter

If you think thats what I care about you’re wrong

When ‘Build & Blast’ launches

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I dont care how much weight my guys lift

How quickly they run

Or what they look like when they start

It doesnt matter to me what they eat

Or whether they eat at all

It’s not about that

It’s NOT about the training

It’s NEVER about the nutrition

It’s about the FEELING…

The feeling when someone notices the
fat they’ve lost

The feeling when the boys stop taking
the piss out they’re skinny arms

The feeling when they fill out they’re shirt
and walk into a room with presence

The feeling when they can see chicks
checking them out when they take they’re shirt off

Unless you’re a performance athlete

Forget the Training & Nutrition

It’s all about the FEELING!

When was the last time you had that feeling…?

The feeling of power

The feeling of pride

The feeling of confidence
Do you want that feeling… That confidence?

It’s the feeling that gives you the confidence to go
out & DOMINATE whatever you do

I’ve used this quote before & I’ll use it again

“I’ll go to the grave thinking I can knock out Mike Tyson

​Cos if you haven’t got CONFIDENCE

you might as well be dead…”

I fucking love this quote

Forget the training

Forget the nutrition

It’s the FEELING


& using these things to change your life

Thats what what it’s all about

& thats what I’m all about creating

Have a think this weekend

If you want that FEELING

& if you want that CONFIDENCE

Build & Blast Online Group Training could be perfect
for you

There’s a link to the Intro video to it at the top of this email

& you can check out some of the success I’ve had with guys
just like you here > http://marcusduharty.com/success-2/

Spaces are limited to 5 though so don’t hang around

Marcus ‘The Feeling’ Duharty

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