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Top 3 Articles from May 2016

I had a good time in May

I had some great nights out

The sun was shining in Sydney

I added a load of new guys to both of my Online Training

& wrote some very decent blog posts & emails

Here’s the 3 most popular blogs from my website in May

3. The Busy Guy Workout 

2. 3 Quick Nutritious Breakfast Smoothie recipes

1. What To Do If Your Genetics Suck 

If you haven’t checked them out yet I suggest you do

I plan to write even better content in June

I need your help to do this thought

My man what do YOU want to see me write about?

I’m happy to write about anything

– How to build easy muscle

– Why most people fail to build the muscle they want

– The quickest way to drop fat for your holiday

– How to add 10kg to your Bench press in 12 weeks

– Why Paleo sucks

– What I love about Crossfit

– The best low calories snacks

– My recommended supplements

Pick one of those if you want

I’m gonna write 30-40 emails & blog posts so I might as well
write about what you wanna hear

So my man… What do YOU wanna see me write about?

Actually let me rephrase that

What are YOU struggling with right now?


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