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To say I was pissed off was an understatement

By February 11, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

“Mr Duharty we highly recommend you go ahead with the surgery”

All I could think in my head was

“No fucking way”

Unless they could tell me 100% that I needed it

I was not gonna have an operation on my heart

Low & behold even at 28 years old when your mother speaks

You listen

& listen I did

So a couple months later I’m in surgery having my heart operated on

This video will show you exactly what I had done

It’s some seriously clever shit




I’m not gonna lie I was shitting myself before the operation

& I was really pissed off at the whole thing

I was actually worried most about what it would look like after

I never really liked seeing my nans pacemaker in her chest

So was apprehensive about the final look

& you’re probably aware I’m not shy of a InstaBook shirtless post either

& then would it put chicks off?

Sounds stupid but I don’t care it’s honestly what I thought

The thing was as soon as I woke up I was fine

I quickly realised I was being a complete pussy about the whole thing

Like fuck me I’d go back to a completely normal life after the operation

& as soon as I realised how worse things could really be

I decided to MTFU

Build a bridge & get over it

Literally within an hour of the op I was completely content with the whole thing

But I couldn’t do one thing I loved

Play football again

& my life had pretty much revolved around football from a kid

& not really just the playing

It was only when I stopped playing I realised that 80%+ of my friendships

& good experiences came through football

For a little while I was gutted

For so long I’d been transfixed with one thing

I was like now what the fuck am I gonna do

Well like I said yesterday

“Don’t let who you are today limit who you could be in the future”

Like literally where I was at that time

Couldn’t be where I was heading in the future

Like my cards were pretty much dealt for me

I had no choice but to change my future

You my friend though

You have a choice

You are the driver of your destiny

& whether you love or the where you are right now

It doesn’t have to limit who you could be in the future

Like if you’re out of shape right now

Overweight or even skinny

You don’t have to stay that way

The only reason you will is if YOU let yourself

It’s up to you my man

Where do you wanna be in 30 days…

90 days

12 months

3 years

Only you can answer that

But your reality today doesn’t have to be your future

In fact it could be completely different

& if you need some help getting there

You can contact me at the link below

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With packages starting at less than £20 a week

& a results or 100% money back guarantee

Yu can start to build your future today

Marcus ‘Iron Man’ Duharty

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