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Tinder taught me this…

That as much as I think I’m the black Peter Pan

& live in Never Never Land

Officially I am getting older

Even though I don’t feel it 1 bit

I suddenly realised this truth when I was swiping on tinder this week

Put it this way there was a lot more older ladies coming up

& noticeably a lot less younger chicks

I suddenly realised I’d crossed a line I never even knew existed

The age settings on Tinder have now pushed me into a whole different world

of potential matches

I’m not sure what to make of it yet

I basically thought I was gonna be mid to late twenties forever

& now I’m not

& clearly now have less appeal to the opposite sex

I think we need to have a minutes silence for my pain……

The thing is I’m sure most guys feel the same

** Like your twenties will last forever 

** You’ll always be fit & strong 

** The muscle & abs you had at 21 will always stay 

** & you’ll ways be attractive to chicks in their early to mid twenties 

Well as I’m finding out clearly that’s not the case

But I loved what one of the guys in the #TeamHUD group said last week

I thought he was bang on with this…

“We all been there with fear of failure mate

Not until the last couple of years I’ve started going in balls deep on things…..

I was fearless as a teen

A pussy in early 20s

& now at 30 I’m hungry as fuck”

Thank you to my man Marcus Wittcomb for that one…

Firstly over coming FEAR in your 20’s will have a HUUUGE impact

I definitely suffered with this

Loads of the guys I work with fall in to this trap

Basically plodding along

Doing ‘alright’

Looking ‘ok’

But never really pushing on & testing themselves

Like seriously who the fuck wants to be ‘ok’

Or even ‘good’

But thats pretty much where we all sit

Especially when we’re mid twenties & think we have time on our hands

Well as I’ve found out that time quickly runs out

& like that chat from the guys inside #TeamHUD

I’m now 30 & I’m hungry as fuck 

It’s motivating hearing some of the comments from those guys

When you surround yourself with positive people your mindset changes

Your attitude changes

& you see a potential you’ve been hiding for years

Thats the truth

Problem is who the fuck have you got around you to push you like this?

Like seriously think about it

& if anything in my emails makes you say… YES

Think.. “I’m exactly the same”

Or you know you need people around you to spark your action

Then I’d LOVE to add you to the group

Just add your details to this form & I’ll be in touch


& if you wanna check out how things work

Watch this video >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM0ZUWixVv4

Marcus ‘Super Like’ Duharty


Conor McGregor fight this weekend

& yes I did just have a twitch down below

Holly Holm defending against Tate as well…





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