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Those Ab Exercises Are A Waste Of Time

If you’re gonna keep eating takeaway every night

Stuffing your face with doughnuts & cakes that colleagues bring in to work 

& drink endless alcohol at work drinks or client meetings 

Thats a fact my man 

Those ab exercises you’re doing are a waste of time 

So are the supplements you’re spending money on 

& so is the gym membership you’re not using 

Don’t blame a lack of time 

Don’t blame poor genetics 

& don’t blame your work schedule 

I’ve written about all these areas & help guys who struggle with these things EVERY DAY 

& I promise you that you can enjoy a takeaway now & then 

The odd cake at work is not going to kill your progress 

& you can get involved in work drinks, client meetings & still shift weight

Until you nail how to do that though those ab exercises are unfortunately a waste of time  



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