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This Will Upset A Few People

But I could not give a flying…

I’m just gonna leave this here

I’m not gonna lie this quote from Conor McGregor made my balls tingle

You can read it here >> Conor McGregor Speaks The Truth 

If you have the same mentality

& believe with hard work you can achieve what you want

& don’t believe in some imaginary born with a gift mumbo jumbo

Then you’re the sort of guy I wanna work with

If however you believe your future is in someone else’s hands

& no matter what you do you’re limited with what you achieve

Then you might as well join the other 150 lame assess

& unsubscribe from my emails

No apologies here

Like I understand genetics plays a part in the elite levels of sport

But I’m not about that limiting myself life

I’m not about blaming my lack of something on a thing I cant judge

& I’m not about letting the guys I work with believe they cant dramatically change the
way they feel about themselves with hard work

Just like my man Conor McGregor

I’m about that hard work fucks your invisible talent every day of the week life

If you feel the same feel free to join me

The Training, Nutrition & Motivation group I help run is for guys exactly like you

You can find some info about it here >>> #TeamHUD All in 1 Training, Nutrition & Motivation

Marcus ‘Fuck Talent’ Duharty

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