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This is Hard to Write

1. Fuck meal Prep 

2. Don’t be scared of Carbohydrates, Junk Food & Calories

Here’s 2 videos I have to remind you of

Basically cos I’m fed up of people making these mistakes 

Click the links above to watch the videos 

Now yesterday I went quite deep & shared a pretty tough moment with you

I finished by telling you today I’d share what motivates & drives me 

Even though for some reason I don’t feel like doing this right now 

I said it so I’m gonna do it 


What motivates ME

What made me quit my jobs & start building a business online?

& what made me drop a career I’d spent nearly a decade building?

Well… if you know or follow me you probably think it’s to travel the world 

Live where I want & do what I want when I want 

Well you’d be wrong 

These things motivate me but they’re not my main driver 

It’s about much more than that

Deep down what I’m really working for 

Is to be the greatest dad I can possibly be 

Yeah I know I dont have kids right now 

Fuck I dont even have a girlfriend 

But when I do I want to have ‘the ability’ to be present as much as possible 

Present when they wake up 

Present taking them to school 

Present picking them up from school 

Present helping them with their homework 

& present with whatever the hell else kids do these days

I know thats a big ask right 

& maybe not what you thought I was gonna say

& don’t get me wrong & I’m not gonna lie I’m definitely a material guy 

I know I’ll spend money on cars, houses, holidays, clothes etc

I have before & I will again 

& I love the travel/nomadic lifestyle I live now

But this is what really drives me long term 

It’s weird cos even in my early 20’s I had a similar motivation 

Back then it was to earn enough money to have my kids educated privately 

My gf at the time used to laugh at me 

She’d been privately educated & said it was a waste of money 

Although maybe that was just her 

But as you get older I think you appreciate your parents more 

& the role they play

I know I have with mine 

& as ‘research’ highlights you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with 

So private school lost its appeal 

& having the ability to be present as much as possible now makes complete sense to me

So there you go

As awkward as that feels… Thats what drives me

& just so you know I’m miles away from that right now…!

Anyway have you decided what motivates you yet? 

Where do you wanna go with how you look & feel?

Are you close to achieving it right now? 

Take a moment to think if you need to….

Hopefully you’re well on your way towards it 

keep pushing if you are 

But if you’re not & you’re struggling 

Get in touch with me & I’ll see if I can help

Just pop your email in this form >>> https://marcusduharty.wufoo.com/forms/mt0qteb0cw8sbj/ 

& I’ll solve your struggles

Marcus ‘Feeling Awkward’ Duharty

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