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These 2 companies SUCK & here’s why

So pissed off right now 

There are 2 companies that I literally HATE

Vodafone & HSBC

So I’m trying to pay a bill for a service on one of my

flats at home 

& no surprise the HSBC banking app isn’t working 

& you’d think trying to give Vodafone my money 

would be easy 

Yet no their app doesn’t work for me either

& every time I log in to their website there’s an error

I’m literally raging & you know why 

It’s not the fact things go wrong I get that 

It’s that trying to speak to anyone about it is basically 


If you’ve ever tried getting through to Vodafone on the 

phone you feel my pain 

It usually goes like this…

25,000 security checks… ok fair enough

Then the choose your option message 

“Press 1 for this option blah blah blah…” 

I have to do this about 8 times when all I wanna do is speak

to someone 

Then finally the automated message says… 

“Sorry we cant take your call right now” & the phone hangs up 

Oh My GOD… If that’s not one of the most infuriating things 

in the world I don’t know what is 

They literally just made me sit through 10 mins of automated


Put the phone down on me at the end with no warning 

& charged me for it !

Maybe I’m over reacting… I don’t really care cos get this right 

When I go into the store to actually speak to someone they tell me 

“We only deal with Australian accounts… you’ll have to call them” 

Fuck me… 

Then HSBC app is down waaaaay more than it should be 

& of course their stores can only deal with local accounts as well 

Ironic considering their supposed to be ‘The Worlds Local Bank’

& get this right…

If I take money out of a HSBC cash point 

With a HSBC card 

From my HSBC account 

HSBC charges me for it 

Every time…

I’m lost for words 

I wont even start on the time they cancelled my card that had years

left before it expired 

Leaving me with access to no money 

When I was in…. CAMBODIA

Head… Loss

Anyway what really pisses me off here is not only the issues it’s how

bad customer service is 

Which is why I’ll always look to go the extra mile with anyone I work


Because if you start working with me my main priority is YOU 

& I know thats not the same with a lot of PT’s who are just looking 

to fill slots

£40-80 for a 1 hour session & what else? 

Not a lot normally 

Nutrition… No 

Accountability outside of that hour… Nope

Programmes for your other sessions… No

Clear goals with set targets with dates to measure progress… No

The option to ask questions & learn… Hardly 

Online Resources you can access at your convenience… No

There are great trainers out there that offer this but thats not the norm 

My 1 goal is to make it easier, quicker & better for YOU

Thats why I added recipes to #TeamHUD & individual meal packs for 

1-1 & Build&Blast members


* Adding all the info you need in 1 place in an exclusive members only area

to MarcusDuharty.com

* I’ve cut the forms needed for check ins in half 

* Added membership groups for quick daily updates 

* Voice note chats rather than waiting to schedule calls 

Everything I’ve added over the last few months & things I’ll continue to add

is to help YOU 

& this closing statement will help you as well 

Avoid HSBC & Vodafone like the plague…

Rant over 

Actually forgot what I was originally gonna email about today

Drop me a message if you have questions you need answering this weekend

& head here to chat about getting your training sorted


Marcus ‘& Breathe’ Duharty

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