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The Truth is I was Straight Up Scared

By February 14, 2016 Marcus' Mind No Comments

Actually fuck it I’m gonna be honest & say what I really was

A pussy

I was that lad scared to join in the kick about in the park

Chat to girls in school

Go on rollercoasters

& generally do anything outside of my comfort zone

If you know me now or even then you may even think this is a load of BS

But I promise you this is the truth

Outside perceptions are always different to the inside

I remember my first girlfriend in school

I had to wait for her mate to ask if I’d go out with her

Cos I’d have never been brave enough to have asked her

I even remember throwing away a valentines card I got her

I was only 13 but I was genuinely scared to give it to her

Ffs it makes me cringe thinking about it now

Fair play to her mate for giving me the nudge I needed though

Cos sometimes that’s what you need

I ended up being with her for 6-7 years

Clearly I’ve grown up a bit since then

But I still over analyse EVERYTHING

I think a lot of people do

& end up paralysed not doing anything

Just rolling through life

Taking the quiet, simple, easy road

Avoiding every difficult situation

Just making sure they’re comfortable

Pretty much like I was as a kid

Being a pussy

That’s not too bad when you’re a 13 year old kid

But as an adult it’s time to man up a bit

Now does that remind you of anyone?

Is it the guy staring back in the mirror?

Do you struggle to take action?

Are you holding back right now?

Well if so think about the last time you took action

& did something you were holding back on…

What happened?

Did you die?

Well no cos you’re reading this now

Shit maybe something even positive happened to you

Now I’m not having a go at you

I fight the same battles

So do some of my 1-1 guys

& I know at least a few of the guys in #TeamHUD do as well

It’s real life shit my man

I’m just here like my first girlfriends mate was

To give you a nudge in the right direction

When you’re ready I’m here >>> Have A Chat With Me HERE

Booking a chat doesn’t sign you up for anything

& I’ll help you for FREE where I can

We can just chat about where you are now

Where you wanna get to

& how best you can go about getting there whether it’s working with me or not

I do have a few spaces for guys like you right now though

So if you’re ready to let go & get started

Here’s that link again >>> Have A Chat With Me HERE

Hopefully the spaces don’t get taken up whilst you think about it though…

Marcus ‘Pussy’ Duharty

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