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The Truth About Fasted Training/Cardio

You’ve heard about it 

You’ve might of even tried it 

& you’ve definitely seen the shredded guys on Instbook 

banging on about it 

So… Does it work? 

Well I’m not gonna lie to you 

I actually don’t know 

I mean I train fasted myself at times but hard science &

understanding wise 

I dont know 

So are you wasting your time doing it? 

I don’t actually think so 

I expect you’re doing it for a reason 

For me it stops me getting distracted by making breakfast 

Thats 5-10 mins plus eating time for me to get sucked in to the 

black hole of social media 

Plus running through emails etc 

It basically just gets me up & out & a session done 

For you it might be you don’t like training on a full stomach 

Or that you prefer to eat at your desk than at home 

& even if doing fasted training doesn’t hit your fat stores or 

whatever it’s supposed to do 

But it’s what you think & it gets you training cos you think you’re 

gonna shred fat quicker 

Then it will…

Cos in thinking that it’s helped you get the work done 

& regardless of whether you’ve got a full stomach or not 

Or whether your fat stores are being targeted over energy to 

fuel your sessions 

The most important thing is you’re doing some work

& getting it done 

That’s whats gonna burn the fat 

Same with all the other stuff you’re doing 

Just get it done & forget what anyone else says from their sofa 

You can’t beat one thing & that’s work 

& consistent work for that matter 

As with fasted training

Like I said I don’t know the hard evidence 

I genuinely enjoy it & dont feel it effects my sessions 

I wouldn’t go trying to hit PB’s fasted though

But I would get your ass in gear & start getting some work done my man 

UK summers coming after all… 

If you need some help getting your training sorted 

Then check out the 90 day programme I’ll be running from April 

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Marcus ‘Work Work Work Work Work..’ Duharty

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