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The Stupidest Question I’ve Been Asked…

You tell me how would you answer this question

I literally had nothing to say 


“Like seriously dude are you taking the piss?”

“Did you reeeeeaaaaally just ask that” 

That’s the only thing I could think in my head 

I’m in the gym at the university I used to work at 

& this lad stops me & asks me 

“Which machine do I use to make me taller” 

& this guy is dead serious

I’m like “sorry…” 

He repeats it then we both just stand there 


Like seriously come on man you’re a university student ffs

But then again he was at UWE ha 😉  

Clearly that whole ‘No question is a stupid question’

thing is a load of crap 

Jokes a side though I have an offer for YOU 

Reply to this email & I’ll answer ANY question you want 

Marriage proposals accepted as well 

I don’t do this often if ever again so take the chance now 

Here’s some things you might ask..

# “I’ve always been skinny so how many calories do I need to 

eat to build muscle” 

# “I hardly eat anything & I’m still struggling to lose fat, why?” 

# “Is it true that I should avoid all carbs if I want to lose weight”

# “I need abs for my upcoming holiday tell me how!”

# “I’m a hot chick & I love your emails can we go out?” 

So there’s some examples now over to you

ANY question you want & I’ll answer it for you 

3, 2, 1, GO…

Marcus ‘Question Time’ Duharty


If you are a hot chick I’m gonna need photographic evidence so get your 

selfie game on ! 

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