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You know that technically I’m unkillable right?

I’m like the black terminator 

This thing I’ve got in my chest will basically keep my heart

beating forever

When you get old they actually have to turn it off so when it’s 

your time it doesn’t keep restarting the heart 

Crazy shit eh… 

Well if you’re late to the party & don’t know what I’m on about 

this short blog will fill you in 


Today marks 2 years since I had it inserted

& 2 years since I was sat at home on sick leave marking 70 odd

2000 word courseworks 

I’m not sure what was more painful having my chest cut open or 

marking that work 

Either way though I was struggling 

But fast forward 2 years & I’m still struggling 

I now have no salary 

& live in one of the most expensive cities in the world 

My bills are more than when I was in the UK 

& I earn less money 

Trust me man the struggle continues

& I know you’re going through your own struggles as well 

It’s not easy dropping fat if you’ve never done it before 

Or even building muscle if you’re a ‘hardgainer’ & naturally skinny 

This can take plenty of time & effort 

Be literally exhausting 

& a serious struggle

Pretty much all the guys I speak to go through this 

If it’s where you are right now it’s normal 

& it might even be pushing you to the point of quitting 

It’s understandable 

If I have a bad week work-wise of course I’m gonna feel like packing it in 

The thing is when things go well it’s a motivator to keep going forward

& the more I learn & the more help I seek the faster things get moving

So my advise before you quit is ask for help 

Like seriously quitting before asking for help doesn’t make sense

Especially when you’ve come so far already 

The struggle puts most people off & I get that 

Like I said the other day the struggle was why I quit surfing after 20 mins 

But I never asked for help 

I cant guarantee that if I did I’d be representing Jamaica in the surf world


But I can guarantee that if you ask me a question I’ll help you build muscle or 

blast fat 

So fire away my man 


Marcus ‘Unkillable’ Duharty


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