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The problem with Ketogenic diets

First thing to know is that they do work 

Thats not the problem 

& if you don’t know a ketogenic diet or ‘Keto’ is a VERY high fat average protein & VERY minimal carb diet 

Think a shed load of eggs, nuts, cheese, butter, avocado, coconut oil etc 

A bit of protein 

& basically NO carbohydrates 

Around 5% of your calories from carbs is about right 

& 64% of your calories from fat is what the calculator I just used told me 

You may think that sounds high but like I said before most of the time a ketogenic diet will work 

& it works for one reason


No special science, weird body changes or magic

Weight is shifted because you’ve eaten less calories

Thats it 

Less calories 

This image below is something worth remembering 




The lower calories could be through that you’re eating less carbs

Or feeling more full through more fat & protein so you eat less overall

Either way it’s less calories 

Thats not the problem either 

A slight problem is that you can still eat the right calorie amount to shift fat & STILL EAT CARBS 

Which is what I help most of the guys I coach do 

They either enjoy the odd beer with the guys or work drinks 

A Chinese or Indian with the partner in the week is something they do

They’re super busy rushing to meetings so grabbing something quick that tends to be carb filled works for them 

Or they have kids & the occasional ice cream trip or fast food visit happens 

& lets be real what guy doesn’t just fancy the odd pizza or chocolate bar every now & then 

If they can shift fat whilst eating some carbs on the plans I provide whats the point of suffering trying not to eat them?

Anyway the main problem with keto for me is this… It’s a diet

DIET being the specific term here 

If we’re honest a diet for 99% of people means a short term fix 

Something you do for a while then stop 

So what happens when the ‘diet’ is over? 

You go back to eating normally (carbs etc)

& all the or most of the weight you’ve shifted whilst doing keto or any other diet goes back on 

All because you haven’t managed to understand the main component of decent nutrition 

“Calories determine fat gain; Calories determine fat loss” 

& no one is asking you to count calories here 

Just understand how you’re body actually works

I look to stress that with the guys I coach 

& the result is whats been called the ‘No diet diet’

Which supports it shifting weight not only faster… but FOREVER

So there’s my problem with keto 

Any other diets you want my opinion on let me know 



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The results are guaranteed 

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