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The No 1 Question I Get Asked

I got asked this 4 times on the weekend 

All from guys that were doing pretty well 

Putting in decent levels of effort with it 

& making progress or at least they had until it stalled 

“What’s the best exercise for shifting fat/weight?” 

2 of the guys mentioned hating boring cardio 

This is something for damn sure I agree with & factor in to all Build&Blast90 workouts 

I know they all want that ‘toned/lean/athletic’ style look 

I get that for sure & I’m exactly the same 

Ultimately I know all 4 of them will hate my actual answer 

See I’ve worked out that us guys just miss the real problem 

We think we can just out train everything else 

At 30 plus we still think we can live like a 20 year old 

& even though we hit the gym hard we don’t see the progress we feel we deserve 

All because we think we eat “pretty good” 

When actually what we eat doesn’t suit our goals AT ALL 

Literally AT ALL & here’s why 

1. We’re ingrained as MEN to fill our plates & eat portions like MEN

This actually isn’t a problem if we eat the right foods

2. We think we have to eat no carbs to shift weight which we hate to do so we don’t even bother starting

Which is basically a complete load of crap 

3. Anything set up for fat loss tastes like cardboard & will leave us constantly feeling hungry, tired & weak

Which again really isn’t that case when we stop making assumptions & learn what to actually do 

Eating to shift fat is actually not that hard 

Its not something thats easy but the process isn’t ball breakingly hard

Inside Build&Blast90 the guys will get around 55 shortish emails & videos teaching them exactly how to do this 

Alongside the recipe booklets & example days of food

The emails & videos show them exactly how to set their nutrition up 

With the group allowing them access to me to check problems & answer individual questions 

The Build&Blast90 Nutrition process shows exactly how to shift weight so they look & feel great 

All the guys have to do is show some effort, consistency & patience & the results will come

Do you agree with my on those 3 points? 

Or do you feel something else is holding you back 

I believe it’s 100% nutrition that stopping you achieving what you want 

& I could give the guys asking me about training the best programme in the world but it would hardly make any difference

In fact most likely zero difference at all 

So would be a waste of mine & there time 

Thats just me being honest 



We’re already filling spaces for the next Build&Blast90 intake 

If you’re interested you’re going to have to move pretty quickly 

Before we fill all the spaces & close the doors

Just letting you know my man 


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