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The “I Can’t Be Bothered” Mans Workout

Thats what I’ve developed

It’s perfect for when you just can’t be bothered

Maybe you’ve had a rough nights sleep

Or had meetings all day in work

Maybe the kids are stressing you out

Or like me today a late night is catching up with you

We all get it

It happens to the best of us

Even the guys on InstaBook you see ‘killing it’

They 100% wake up on days & can’t be bothered

Or have stresses in their life that make hitting the gym
the last thing they wanna do

I was fully in that place today believe me

& you may be after a heavy weekend

It’s been bank holiday after all so the chance are you’ve
had a few beers

Been away a few days

Or missed a session as the gym was closed

Here’s 2 things that helped me get my session done today
that will help you to

1. External accountability 

What I mean is having someone else checking on you or
relying on you to get it done

For me it is reporting my score into the #TeamHUD group
tomorrow & then at the end of the week

Last week I missed my target

Which is pretty poor as after all I’m the leader of the group &
should be setting an example

This made me get to the gym today

For you it may be a training partner relying on you training with
him & giving you shit if you don’t make it

If you’re not in a group where you’re made accountable this is a
decent option

2. A short sharp workout 

I hated training today

In fact I do a lot of the time

But after I’d done the first exercise I knew I only had about 30mins
of the session left

If I had an hour or more there’s no way I would have got through it

The way I felt I would have just upped & left

Todays session took 37mins & knowing I can be in & out in under
45mins was massive for me mentally

Do you ever get in the gym & sigh thinking of all the work you have
to do?

If you do I’d ask why are your sessions so long?

If you have days regularly where you cant be bothered cut your
sessions down

That’s what I’ve done with #TeamHUD’s workout programme

Every monthly block the guys get is designed for the busy working man

Who’s got a lot on & minimal time to spare

& sometimes lacking motivation

With a combination of the check in’s, weekly targets & short & sharp

It’s a hell of a set up for the ‘I cant be bothered’ man

You can check it out here

#TeamHUD Training Nutrition & Motivation workout programme 

Marcus ‘Can Be Bothered’ Duharty

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