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The BEST show on TV is BACK

I used to LOVE this TV show

The concept the story lines & the twists were on fire 

I’m talking about Prison Break  

If you haven’t seen it the main guy has this incredible tattoo 

& inside the tattoo is basically a map & all the info he needs to escape prison 

It’s pretty damn cool & a clever story

Clever… But for sure it’s simple 

See the map & the info to do something is all we need

It’s the same for him trying to escape prison 

As it is for you trying to shift weight 

Most of us struggle simply as we don’t have this 

Luckily for him he has everything he needs tattooed on his body 

& luckily for you everything you need is inside of Build&Blast90 

Don’t believe me?

Well here’s an example for you 

You must have struggled at some stage to reduce your calories but still eat tasty food right

& at the same time not feel desperately hungry, tired & moody 

Don’t worry we all have 

Which is why inside Build&Blast90 we take pretty much all the guessing out for you 

Click here for an example of a day of food for a guy looking to hit around 2000 calories 

Note: You can double up on the porridge & blueberries 

Have 2 of the burgers

& 2 of the tandoori chicken breasts

Also the strawberry smoothie can go in with breakfast, mid morning or after your workout 

Which ever works best for your schedule 

Like I said…

The plans & info you need is there 

It’s up to you if you want to use them 



I probably should have mentioned this sooner 

But prices are going to increase 

I haven’t discussed with Cameron when yet but it will be in the next 2 weeks

You can secure a place before that happens though at the link below 


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