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Surviving Office Christmas Party Madness

Work Christmas parties… The time when you get to find out what people are reeeeaaaally like 

What they really think of each other & your managers

& whether your colleague that smiled every time you said hello to her all year is actually interested in you 

I’ve definitely seen a few office romances (or 1 night flings) come about at work christmas parties 

Plus a fight between 2 members of staff on the dance floor 

(I’d actually fallen backwards through a fire exit at the time but thats a story for a different day) 

Christmas parties can be fun 

Unless you’re trying hard to stay focused on your shifting weight journey 

If you are then here’s some things that will help

Firstly you should 100% be still able to enjoy a few drinks decent food & still shift weight 

A rigid non flexible plan really is something to avoid & not needed 

Secondly last month I wrote a couple of short 3 step articles on exactly this 

How to go out for drinks (client drinks & business meetings) & STILL shift fat 

As a reminder here they both are 

Part 1: Client Meetings, Business Drinks & STILL shift fat 

Part 2: Client Meetings, Business Drinks & STILL shift fat

A couple of these steps may not work if you have a big food & booze affair planned

But at least 1 or 2 of these 6 steps to enjoying your time but keeping the calories down will help 

I’ll be posting in the Elite group I run shortly to get hold of what the guys have individually planned for this festive period

Then we’ll sit down & develop their personal plan of attack to continue shifting weight, making progress & still enjoy this crazy time of the year 

December wont be stopping us 

Will it be stopping you? 



In the online COACHING groups I run results are guaranteed or your money back 

If you’re ready to join a small exclusive group of guys like you 

All working to shift fat faster & forever 

Set their confidence on fire & feel unstoppable 

Click this link or the image below 




Shout out to those who hit me up on Instagram yesterday 

Sorry not sorry if you were hating me after seeing last nights beach front workout venue 

Just remember I’m in in-front my laptop or in the library 6-10 hours a day turning a dream in to reality 

You can find me at @marcusduharty (everywhere in fact, Facebook, Twitter, Insta)

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