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& you know what that means…

Less clothes & more social occasions 

It’s my favourite time of the year in the UK

& is part of the reason I love living in Australia 

But is it for you? 

I know for a lot of guys it really isn’t 

Being hot & sweaty all day long 

Not being able to use big coats & jumpers to cover up them being out of shape 

& of course taking their shirt off round the house, in public or on holiday 

All of those things are like a nightmare for a lot of guys I know 

Now I know this email is very direct but I don’t care 

If this is you I get it 

For the last 10 years I’ve spoken to guys feeling the same 

I’ve felt the pain in their voice when they’ve ran me through this

But I’ve found that even from this position of struggle they can progress

& eventually look forward to summer without dreading the way they look 

If you’re not ready for change yet then thats fine 

You know where I am when you’re ready 

If you think you’re ready then drop me a reply & we can see if I can help you 

& if you’re pissed off at this email then maybe thats a good thing 

I’m not going to sugar coat the reality of this summer for you 

& I’m not going to apologise for that 

You can hit the unsubscribe link below though & you’ll never hear from me again 


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