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Struggling To Get It Up?

Sometimes you can try all you want 

No matter how hard you push, squeeze or pull 

It’s just not going up 

I’m sure you’ve experienced this man 

We all have 

Well this is what I do to make sure it never happens to me 

Firstly I don’t attempt stupid ass weights I cant lift 

Yeah I’m talking about training man what the hell you think 

I was on about… 

They got pills for that shit you know 

To be fair there’s also pills to make you stronger but I don’t advise

taking them 

But lifting weights that literally pin you to the bench press every set

is pointless 

Here’s some boring shit for you…

Focus on clean reps (not food)

Full movement reps 

& completing sets without getting pinned 

I watched a guy do half reps on bench last week 

He literally just squeezed out the 4th then started setting himself for a 5th 

I’m there thinking na whats he doing… 

I literally stopped the raises I was doing as I knew I’d have to help him 

Low & behold I gotta run across the gym to lift the bar off his chest 

True story 

Probably shoulda left him…

Anyway we chatted & in the politest way possible I said I thought he’d benefit 

more from dropping the weight 

& completing full reps 

Basically stop being a fucking douche! 

Which is what you should do as well if you’re struggling to get it up 

& check out this article to help you get your Bench Press UP…


& if you’re struggling to build the body you want 

Get brutally strong 

Or feel fucking amazing about yourself 

Let’s get your 90 day programme started

The first 4 guys are up & running so time for me to add some more 


Marcus ‘Always Up’ Duharty

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